Virtual Workshops

I conduct online genealogy workshops. These typically include lectures with slides, as well as live examples done through screen sharing. I always try to use examples provided by attendees to show how we can go about researching a new problem in real-time. Feel free to inquire if you are interested in a workshop for your genealogical or historical organization.

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming workshops are shown below. These workshops are sponsored by the Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society.

  • January 24, 2021: US Research Intro Series

  • January 31, 2021: Jewish Research Intro Series

Workshop Fees

  • General Public: $80 for one day, $150 for both days

  • Greater Houston Jewish Genealogical Society (GHJGS) Members: $65 for one day, $120 for both days

Upcoming Workshops

United States Research Intro Series

Sunday, January 24, 2021, at 4:30-8:30 EST

United States Research Basics 1 - Databases and Federal Records

Introduction to the primary databases for United States genealogical research. Introduction to federal records research, including federal censuses, federal court naturalization (citizenship), military records and the Social Security Death Index.

United States Research Basics 2 - State Resources

Introduction to state research, including vital records (birth, marriage, death records), state censuses and state court naturalization (citizenship). Introduction to the FamilySearch catalog for discovering additional resources and records.

United States Research Basics 3 - Local Research

Introduction to local research, including burial records, grave images, newspaper records, yearbook records and the US Public Records Index.

Jewish Genealogy Research Intro Series

Sunday, January 31, 2021, at either 11:00-3:00 EST or 4:30-8:30 EST

Jewish Research Basics 1 - Where to Look

Introduction to the most important databases for Jewish genealogical research and how to make the most out of your searches. Discussion of general commercial databases, specific Jewish databases, burial databases, Holocaust databases, Jewish newspaper collections and more.

Jewish Research Basics 2 - What's in a Name?

Introduction to Jewish naming practices and how names changed when coming to English-speaking lands. We will touch on the "Ellis Island myth" and explore how to find an ancestor's "original" name through records research, including naturalization records, gravestones and ship records.

Jewish Research Basics 3 - The Old Country

Introduction to locating where your ancestors came from in Europe. Background discussion on European historical borders and how they have shifted through time. Exploration of the best sources to use in order to locate what town in Europe your family came from, and where to turn next once you have located that information.

Future Classes

General Research Intro Series

United States Immigration Records

New York City Research

Italy Research

France Research

Mexico Research

Puerto Rico Research

German Handwriting

Jewish Research Intro Series

Germany Research

Galicia (Austria/Poland) Research

Hungary Research

Romania Research

Israel Research

Vienna Research

Russian Empire Research

Tunisia/Algeria Research

Holocaust Research