Genealogical Research Experience

I have provided a diverse array of genealogical services for individuals of many backgrounds.

Research Advice

I frequently provide consultations with individuals who are considering how to begin their family research, including discussing research approaches and strategies. I am also glad to speak with individuals who believe they have exhausted their search and are considering another's opinion.

United States Research

I have performed American research from nearly every state and have a detailed knowledge of available resources throughout the country. These include, for example, federal and state census records, vital records (birth, marriage, death), naturalization (citizenship) records, ship records, military records, newspaper clippings and probate records.

International Research

I have researched family backgrounds spanning more than 35 countries. I have studied a number of languages, have a "genealogy knowledge" of several others, and can read the Latin, Cyrillic and Hebrew scripts, as well as the old Gothic German handwriting, which gives me the advantage of being able to do primary research through many countries' records. International records may include vital records (birth, marriage, death), census records, military records (revision lists) and newspaper clippings.

Archival Documents

I have had success retrieving documents from archives around the world and assist in providing translations of foreign language documents. I utilize a wide array of online resources and have connections with a number of researchers throughout the world.

I have researched and provided clients with documents from countries around the world, including:

Algeria | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belarus | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | Czech Republic | Denmark | France | Germany | Greece | Hungary | Iraq| Ireland | Israel | Italy | Jamaica | Latvia | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Mexico | Moldova | Netherlands | Norway | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Russia | Slovakia | South Africa | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Tunisia | Ukraine | United Kingdom | United States